Tuesday, 23 October 2012

God Bless The 45 –The Mastering and Acetates

Today, I assisted the cut of the new single. Eschewing any digitising, the cut was 100% analog meaning that the grooves had to be  “opened” manually without a preceding digital signal. Thanks to the expertise of Nick and Tim at Fluid http://www.fluidmastering.com/ the cut was amazing. This is really the best time to hear any recording. The lacquers have now being shipped to a manufacturing plant in the UK.
I also cut 2 10” acetates. I will be holding on to one copy and the other…Well stay tuned for more information on this next month!

The lacquers and acetates were cut on this cutting machine
From this Studer tape machine
Cutting the lacquers
Cutting an acetate
Two numbered acetates were cut with A and B sides...an instant collectable!

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