Thursday, 20 December 2012

Release date

Hi all

The singles have now been delivered. The release date will be Monday 7th January 2013. Initially the single will only be available through this site  and sold direct using different PayPal buttons for UK, Europe and ROW (including USA and Japan)

The price will be £5.99 plus postage.

The first pressing was 600 copies, with 550 being offered for sale. 500 copies sold at full price will recoup all the costs. So don't be shy!

The single will then  eventually be made available for distribution

Friday, 14 December 2012

Sneak preview of B side

Getting closer still. I receive the finished copies next week, once they have arrived safely I will announce the official release date. The single will first be only available here and payment will be via PayPal

In the "Meantime" here is a lo-fi sneak preview of the songs on the B side, namely Festival Pop and East European Girls...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

God Bless The 45: Auction of Acetate and Test Pressing

Instant collectable time...

The new single will not be available before January, but here is a chance to be the winning bidder on an unplayed acetate (1 of 2 ever made) along with a white label test pressing. The card sleeve is signed by Jeremy, Chris, Rob and me
It is a 10 day listing on ebay

Here is your first chance to hear a snippet of the A side

Good luck!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Front and back of picture sleeve

It's getting closer.... Test pressings are sounding hot and here's a sneak preview of the picture sleeve.

More news in a few weeks for a chance to get your hands on a one-off Barracudas collectable...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

God Bless The 45 –The Mastering and Acetates

Today, I assisted the cut of the new single. Eschewing any digitising, the cut was 100% analog meaning that the grooves had to be  “opened” manually without a preceding digital signal. Thanks to the expertise of Nick and Tim at Fluid the cut was amazing. This is really the best time to hear any recording. The lacquers have now being shipped to a manufacturing plant in the UK.
I also cut 2 10” acetates. I will be holding on to one copy and the other…Well stay tuned for more information on this next month!

The lacquers and acetates were cut on this cutting machine
From this Studer tape machine
Cutting the lacquers
Cutting an acetate
Two numbered acetates were cut with A and B instant collectable!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

God Bless The 45 -COMING SOON!

After a 7 year gap, The Barracudas return with a brand new single; their first new recordings since their 2005 self-titled album.

God Bless The 45” will be released on the Purepop imprint in late January. “God Bless The 45” is a loving ode to the 7” single, so fittingly it will only be available in that format as a limited edition release. Fronted by original members Jeremy Gluck, Robin Wills with Chris Wilson (Ex Flamin’ Groovies) along with Rob Coyne and Yan Quellien, the new single was recorded and mixed onto tape using only analog gear at Cowshed Studios in London. This single is the culmination of a flurry of activity from the band, which has seen them play The Purple Weekend in Spain, Festival Beat in Italy along with dates in Japan. Following gigs in Germany in November, The Barracudas plan more live performances in the New Year to promote the new single.