Thursday, 20 December 2012

Release date

Hi all

The singles have now been delivered. The release date will be Monday 7th January 2013. Initially the single will only be available through this site  and sold direct using different PayPal buttons for UK, Europe and ROW (including USA and Japan)

The price will be £5.99 plus postage.

The first pressing was 600 copies, with 550 being offered for sale. 500 copies sold at full price will recoup all the costs. So don't be shy!

The single will then  eventually be made available for distribution


  1. how can I reserve a copy right now??

  2. Don't worry it will not sell out in 24hrs! I'll post the PayPal buttons on the 7th of January

  3. Hi Robin, we just can't wait !

  4. God Bless The Barracudas...even I don't believe in god myself !!!
    This new single seems a great one !!!
    Merry Christmas